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Another Winter Coat..

By Eliza Narayna, Mar 3 2018 08:52PM

Modelling my made to measure coat..
Modelling my made to measure coat..

Following on from the poncho, I focused on completing a made to measure coat pattern I had started whilst at Anna Stolz. My inspiration for the coat came from wool fabric I bought in the autumn of 2016, from Paris. I was delighted this beautiful wool was on sale.

After some challenging weeks this winter, I manage to complete the pattern myself, cut and sew up the coat. This was after finalising the third toile! The collar was the most difficult piece to get right. It was a 2 piece collar. The pockets were also complicated to do as it was the first time I made this style.

I can finally say I have mastered lining! I took a selfie as proof to show that it is infact made to measure:)

I hope you like my arty filter!

My next update will be on the upcoming winter collection..stay tuned!


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