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It's been a while...

By Eliza Narayna, Mar 2 2018 05:21PM

Hi and Welcome back to my blog..

A post is well overdue so here we go..

My plans for another A/W collection was put on hold sadly, as 2017 turned out to be internship year.

Hopefully 2018 will be the year the collection is produced. I will stick to the theme I had planned


So after interning for 1 month at Anna Stolz in London, I took the plunge and left to do a Design Internship

in Kathmandu, Nepal. Please see some of the work here on my portfolio, Internship Work.

I was there for 3 months. It was quite a challenge but well worth the experience,

When I returned to UK, the sewing bug arrived and I was determined to improve the Velvet Devore

Poncho I had made back at uni. This was quite an accomplishment.

Below I am modelling the trending velvet poncho.

From the following images you can see I have cut out holes in the poncho. I then used another piece of fabric to do 6 handmade devore circles. These were then cut out and sewed into the poncho holes.

I like that the shiny lining appears through the Devore holes. This Devore detail corresponds to my Gothic Theme, the dark settings..

Handmade Velvet Devore Poncho
Handmade Velvet Devore Poncho
Poncho minus the Devore detail
Poncho minus the Devore detail
Handmade Devore circles
Handmade Devore circles
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